CAS No: 126147-70-4

Chemical Name of the Product: N-Phenoxy Carbonyl-L-Valine (PCV)
Product Code: PCV
CAS Number: 126147-70-4
Name of the API: Ritonavir

We are manufacturing of N-((N-Methyl-N-((2-Isopropyl-4-Thiazolyl)   Methyl)Amino)Carbonyl)-L-Valine, Lithium salt (MTV-3).

N-((N-methyl-N-((2-Isopropyl-4-thiazolyl)Methyl) amino)carbonyl)-L-Valine (or) MTE.

N-Phenoxy Carbonyl-L-Valine (PCV).

(2S,3S,5S)-2-Amino-3-Hydroxy-5-(Tert-butyloxy Carbonyl) Amino-1, 6-Diphenylhexane Hemi Succinic Acid Salt (BDH Succinic Acid Salt).

Carbonic acid,4-Nitrophenyl-5-Thizolyl Methyl Ester (or) 4-Nitro Phenyl 1,3-Thizol-5-yl Methyl Carbonate (NCT).

Diphenyl aminohexane (or) (5S)-2-Amino-5-(Dibenzylamino)-4-oxo-1, 6-Diphenylhex-2-ene (DAH-II).

The above mentioned intermediates are used for preparation in the manufacturing of Ritonavir. This drug is used in the treatment of Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV).