CAS No: 1247119-31-8

Chemical Name of the Product: (2R, 5R)-1, 6-Diphenylhexane-2, 5-diamine dihydrochloride (or) Diamine dihydrochloride (DAD) & DID
Product Code: DAD & DID
CAS Number: 1247119-31-8
Name of the API: Cobicistat

We are manufacturing of N-methyl-1-[2-(propan-2-yl)-1,3-thiazol-4-yl] methanaminedihydrochloride (or) methyl thiazole amine dihydrochloride  (or) MTV.2HCl

L-Aminolactone (LAL) (or) (S)-3-Aminodihydro furan-2(3H)-One Hydrobromide (LAL)

(2R, 5R)-1, 6-Diphenylhexane-2, 5-diamine dihydrochloride(or) Diaminedihydrochloride (DAD & DID)

The above three intermediates are used for preparation in the manufacturing of Cobicistat. This drug is used in the treatment of Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV).